Inspiration for Forlorn Outcast

  • Sunday, Jan 3, 2021
Question 3: Tell me about your inspiration for Forlorn Outcast, when it was started, and when you hope to release.


I went to a GameStop years ago and asked for a good game recommendation. The guy handed me Dark Souls and said, “You’ll need an extra remote because you’ll break yours.” I was determined to beat this game and own it. Two remotes later, I did. After that, I thought that an extremely difficult game that had a more dynamic combat system, strong narrative, and interesting mechanics would be the game of the year.


The inspiration and original concept very much came from Zack. He messaged me giving a brief outline of the idea, and i think it was one of the first ideas i heard where i thought ‘that actually sounds like it might work’. So we started discussing it in more detail and as we’ve progressed, I’ve begun to share the same mindset of how a dynamic combat system, strong narrative and interesting mechanics within a souls-like game, could work exceptionally well if done right.

The first discussions of the project started as early as July in 2019. We went through a pre-production phase where we had a lot of discussion about the design, the art style, the mechanics etc. We essentially spent 2-3 months proving to ourselves that this could really work. As for a release, we’re looking at Q1 of 2022, but game development is anything but a straight path, so nothing is 100% locked down right now.